The EntreprenHer Tour

The EntreprenHer Tour

Meghalai Senthil Kumar studied economics and always had a passion for teaching. She was a teacher for a decade.

Without any tech oriented background but eager to learn and with some support from her siblings, she entered the tech area as founder of LBN Tech Solutions. She told us that her lack of knowledge regarding the tech field was an advantage for her, she could put herself in the shoes of her clients as a non-technical person. LBN Tech Solutions provides tech support for SME: it goes from website creation to online marketing. She has 35 employees.

The EntreprenHer Tour

Meghalai employs a lot of women who cannot get outside of their homes for traditional reasons. Indeed traditionally speaking, men are breadwinners, not women. They are currently working on 20 projects and 90% of them are for US companies.

What is her future vision? She wants to move into training, by teaching small business owners what is good for their website.

Her experience as a woman in tech : being a woman is tough in the labor force. She is evolving in a “man’s field” and has been through remarks from her clients, didn't pay attention to it and kept moving forward.

Her final statement was a very positive message : everybody should follow their dreams. “You can start anything at any age”. According to her, this message is not spread enough in India. You can become an entrepreneur at any age.

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Issue Dated: July 1-15, 2014

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