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Our Commitment turns your dreams to reality!

Why LBN?!

There are so many web design companies out there. But why should you choose LBN?!

We never compromise on quality. Say our clients.

Great Communication is our forte. We always respond to clients' queries within 24 hrs, even on weekends.

We offer a bouquet of services. If you are just starting a new business, you can come to LBN to create your logo, your website, design and print marketing collateral like brochures and flyers and your business cards, host your website on our reliable round the clock managed servers, and also market your website digitally so that your website gets traffic. We also maintain your website by adding whatever new content you require in future. Keeping in touch with your clients is made easy because we offer E Newsletter services where we design, write, and email the newsletters to your database every month or even twice a month. No business is complete without a social media presence. We have skilled personnel who will create and maintain your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus. Keeping the buzz alive about your business is very important and so we have a team of writers who will constantly blog about your businhow we workess. You get to check and edit the blogs via a user friendly dashboard before they are posted online. A fortnightly report which describes your website's performance will be emailed to you. You can also check your website's statistics by logging into your personal dashboard. In short we make life easy for you!

We do not charge our clients excessively. We can give you a web presence for the lowest rate of Rs. 2500! Complete with contact form, your services your contact information and links to your social media accounts. Email now for more details.